An outpouring of support for Main Street complete street design proposal

There has been an outpouring of support over the last week from local community groups in favour of the proposed "Complete Streets" design plan for the renewal of Main Street. You can read the support letters below:

Thanks to all these organizations for their thoughtful words of support!

Update on Highway 417 Expansion Project

City of Ottawa staff presented an update at the June 11th OECA meeting regarding the Highway 417 Expansion Projects and its impact on Old Ottawa East. To view the presentation, please visit our Transportation Page.

Update on Lees Avenue LRT and Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

The City of Ottawa attended the June 11th OECA meeting to present their interim work on the proposed Lees Avenue LRT TOD. You can view the presentation here. Please provide your comments to the OECA to: info (at) ottawaeast (dot) ca

Another successful Main Event!

Main Event 2013 BBQ
Congratulations to the Community Activities Group of Old Ottawa East (CAG) for another successful Main Event on Saturday, June 15. As part of the festivities, the OECA hosted the BBQ which serves as a fundraiser for our association. Thank you to all the volunteers who contributed their time and energy to this wonderful community celebration. Pictured here are Councillor David Chernushenko, MPP Yasir Naqvi and MP Paul Dewar who could be found behind the BBQ at the Main Event. Please note: someone left behind at the BBQ a red-brownish travel mug with “SPL” in white lettering. If it belongs to you, please email

Closing of Lees Avenue on-ramp as of June 13, 2013

City of Ottawa staff have confirmed that the eastbound on-ramp to the 417 from Lees Avenue will be closed effective June 13, and will remain closed until 2018. Traffic wishing to access the eastbound 417 will have to continue through Old Ottawa East, either via Hawthorne Avenue and the Pretoria Bridge to the on-ramp at Metcalfe Street, or south on Main Street to Riverside Drive taking the Vanier Expressway on-ramp.

Signs will be posted beginning June 7 advising commuters that the ramp will be closed as of June 13. The ramp will be closed for five years to accommodate both the 417 widening from 2013-2015, and subsequently the LRT extension to Blair Road from 2015-2018.

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