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June 10 OECA board meeting – presentation by SLOE

The next OECA board meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 10, at 7:15 p.m. at Church of the Ascension, 253 Echo Drive (just north of Immaculata High School). The first hour will be the updated presentations that Sustainable Living Ottawa East (SLOE) had at the Oblates Development “Deep Green” experts forum in March. This will be followed by discussion of the ideas being presented.

The Oblates / Sisters development (between Main Street and the Rideau River) is a huge deal for the OOE community and for the city as a whole. Domicile is already well-advanced with its plans for part of the Sister’s property and the Regional Group has a conditional offer for the Oblates property – they’re currently in their “due diligence” phase so it is not yet known whether the deal will go ahead.

The research and presentations used by SLOE at the experts forum at Carleton can be found here.

Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting.