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Sustainable Living Ottawa East

Since 2007, Sustainable Living Ottawa East (SLOE) has been part of a low-key but important renaissance in Old Ottawa East. SLOE helps plan, develop, network and fundraise for projects that support greater community sustainability. Many projects have been initiated and/or supported by SLOE members, including: the Main Farmers’ Market, the Ottawa East Community Garden, the Lees Community Garden, the Children’s Garden at Robert Legget Park, the Rideau River Nature Trail, the Midtown Footbridge, and the Neighbour-to-Neighbour electricity efficiency audit project. SLOE is currently working with researchers, the developer and other stakeholders to envision and plan for sustainability in the development of the Oblate lands. And behind these existing initiatives is a world of other possibilities for increased local sustainability. This is good work. There is satisfaction and joy in it. Please join us in fueling the momentum. Contact Jayson MacLean, the SLOE chair, at

Brantwood Park Tree Walk — Take a guided stroll through Brantwood Park’s lovely landscape. This tree walk was put together by SLOE volunteers as part of the 2020 Main Event. It features commentary on 17 trees along the Rideau River Nature Trail, a few of the over 40 different species within the park. You can access the walk by clicking here.