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Main St. Renewal Construction Survival Guide

Suggested Tips for Surviving Main St. Renewal Construction: what OOE residents should know about preparing for nearby construction

I live within 30m of the construction work zone. How should I prepare for construction-related impacts to my property and residence?
All contractors working within the City’s road right-of-way must have liability insurance. As part of the Main St. Renewal Process, free pre-construction inspections will be offered to all home owners with structures within 30m of the work zone (mostly along Main St.) in order to determine if damage was pre-existing or not. These inspections are completed by a third party through the contractor. The company retained by Karson Konstruction to undertake these inspections is OZA Inspections Ltd. They will be hand-delivering letters to each home within the work zone to offer pre-construction inspections. All inspections will consist of a video of the residence/structure along the entire corridor including landscaping and front yard. You may also wish to confirm with the inspection company that the video services will capture shifting that may occur from vibrations. It is highly recommended that concerned residents accept the offer of inspection. If you are concerned that your residence or property may be negatively impacted by construction, it is strongly advised that you take your own dated photographs or videos of these areas, in addition to the pre-construction inspection offer.

I live further than 30m outside of the work zone, but am still concerned about construction damage. What options do I have?
Take dated photographs or videos of the property and structures of concern as soon as possible. These will be essential to your damage claim, should you believe damage has occurred as a result of construction work and you wish to file a claim with the contractor.

I am concerned about damage to my front yard and landscaping. What should I do?
If you are concerned about any damage to your property that may result from Main St. Renewal construction, it is important to always take dated photos or videos of the areas in question. This also includes retaining walls that may be affected. As the grades might change along the street, be sure to note the current height of structures such as retaining walls to ensure that they are replaced appropriately.

While many trees are set to be removed as part of Main St. Renewal, the City of Ottawa requires contractors working near trees that are not being cut down to protect exposed roots with wet burlap. This will help protect the roots from direct exposure to sun and wind. Roots thicker than an inch should be cut and trimmed cleanly with saws or shears. There is also a city bylaw defining the “critical root zone” within which work is forbidden. Depending on the age and health of the tree, professional oversight may be required. For more information see City of Ottawa’s Protecting Trees website

I live within the 30m construction work zone but did not accept the pre-construction inspection offer. I now think that damage has occurred to my property as a result of construction. What can I do?
Homeowners who have not had the home inspection completed can still file a damage claim with the contractor. However, you will not have the benefit of pre-construction inspection information.

How do I file a damage claim with the contractor?
If you believe that damage has occurred to your property as a result of construction, contact the General Contractor directly. For construction-related questions or concerns, please contact the Contractor Representative or the Contract Administrator.

Contractor Representative:
Alphonse Blank
Karson Konstruction
Cell: (613) 913-9032
24 hour emergency number: (613) 839-2816

Contract Administrator:
Dave Hatton
IBI Group
Phone: (613) 225-1311, ext. 521

City of Ottawa Resources
The City of Ottawa has designated Dianna Ashworth as Community Liaison responsible for overseeing communications with OOE residents during Main St. Renewal. Dianna can be reached at: 613-863-3873 or
Check the City of Ottawa Notices website for the most recent construction notices pertaining to Main St. Renewal.
The latest Construction Newsletters can be found on the OECA’s Main St. Renewal website. They can also be found on the City of Ottawa’s Main Street Renewal website.

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