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Latest update on pathway behind 200 Lees Avenue

The footbridge over the Rideau River, just south of the Queensway bridge, will be closed until the University of Ottawa completes the new pathway running along the river and to the south of the new stadium at 200 Lees Avenue. The university has not established a date for this but the estimate is the end of November. In the meantime, pedestrians and cyclists will have to detour over the transitway bridge which is between 200 Lees Avenue campus and the 190 Lees Avenue apartments. The original plan was that the university’s pathway would be open by mid-September.

In order to construct the Queensway bridge pier widenings in the vicinity of the west bank of the Rideau River, and reconstruct the path under this bridge (moving it further toward the river), it is necessary to temporarily close the existing path under the bridge. Moving the path closer to the river and away from the bridge abutments will allow the path to stay open for the remainder of the highway expansion work scheduled from 2013-2015, except for short duration closures for removal of the existing bridge sections directly above the path.