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OC Transpo proposal to combine No. 6, 102 bus routes

The modified No. 6 and No. 102 east-west bus routes through the northern part of the Glebe and Carling-Dow’s Lake would accomplish three things:
· Fill in a gap that was created during the route optimization that has left a number of residents in Old Ottawa East, the Glebe and the Dow’s Lake area without the traditional east-west service they had enjoyed. For example, seniors in the large buildings in the Bronson/Carling area have been left to walk down or up a fairly steep incline to get to the nearest stop further west on Bronson.
· Provide better connectivity and service frequency through the northern part of the ward. Residents here — especially students, seniors and public servants — will be better connected to major nodes of employment, schools and seniors’ gathering places.
· Introduce superior service between two key public transit stations: Carling on the O-train line, and Lees/Hurdman on the Transitway/Confederation Line. This will provide a useful way for Lansdowne Park staff, customers and residents to connect with routes 1 and 7 to Lansdowne. This should also encourage more citizens to take the bus to Lansdowne for day-to-day purposes. Based on the take-up of this option, we can explore expanded service after a couple of years.

The approved changes would be implemented in September 2014. For full details, visit Councillor Chernushenko’s website.