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Proposed Changes to the OOECA Constitution

By Jaime Girard, Vice President, OOECA

Last year, the Old Ottawa East Community Association began updating its constitution, seeking to modernize some of the rules that governed meetings. It was an attempt to clarify the structure of the association, ensure the requirements for notice of meetings were fair and take into account electronic means of communications that had developed in the last two decades. The OOECA also wanted to ensure procedures to update the constitution and bylaws were not too onerous for a volunteer-run community association.

To provide area residents with a chance to comment on the proposed changes, the OOECA will convene a Special General Meeting of the membership in September. The actual vote on the changes will take place at the next Annual General Meeting in November,

Here is a brief outline of the changes:

1. Membership

– A limit on votes at general meetings to two per household
– A new revocation process to remove a membership in extreme circumstances

2. The Organization section was renamed Structure of the Association.

– Clarification of the terms: board, executive committee, board meetings, general meetings, and of who is entitled to vote at each type of meeting
– Clearer definitions of board meetings and special or annual general meetings
– Clearer language on required criteria for a special general meeting

3. Constitutional Amendments

– a simplified amendment process so that changes approved by the membership could be made quicker