OOECA Parks and Greenspace Committee Terms of Reference 

Approved by OOECA Board on April 11, 2023


Flourishing public parks and greenspaces in Old Ottawa East (OOE), whose rich plant life and amenities enhance residents’ physical and mental well-being, enrich their quality of life, and contribute to ‘greening’ efforts to mitigate climate change.


The Old Ottawa East Parks and Greenspace Committee is a standing committee of the Old Ottawa East Community Association (OOECA).  Recognizing the importance of greenspace to the quality of life of OOE residents, especially in the context of municipal and provincial intensification efforts, the Parks and Greenspace Committee is mandated to:

  • Preserve and enhance existing community-accessible parks and greenspaces in OOE.
  • Increase the availability in OOE of community-accessible parks and greenspaces.
  • Optimize natural elements and park amenities for public enjoyment and recreation in these areas.


The Committee will be led by a Chair, elected by the OOECA membership at annual general meetings.  The Committee Chair is an elected member of the OOECA Board of Directors and represents the Parks and Greenspace Committee on the OOECA Board.

Committee members will be residents of OOE who hold membership in the OOECA and/or in the Community Activities Group (CAG) of Old Ottawa East.

The Committee Chair and members will serve wholly in a volunteer capacity, with no expectation of remuneration.


To fulfill its mission, the Committee will:

  • Develop goals, objectives, priorities, and plans to preserve, enhance, and increase parks and greenspaces in OOE.
  • Support and protect the community’s interests in the preservation, enhancement, and safety of parks and greenspaces in OOE. This includes representation to the City of Ottawa (elected officials and professional staff) to share the community’s views and interests and to advocate in support of the Committee’s objectives and proposals. 
  • Identify natural elements (e.g., trees, shrubs) and amenities (e.g., benches, washrooms) to enhance parks and greenspaces and residents’ enjoyment of them.
  • Identify the resources required to realize the Committee’s objectives and seek commensurate sources of support.
  • Communicate the work of the Parks and Greenspace Committee to the community (for example, through posting salient updates on the OOECA website).
  • Encourage community engagement so that OOE parks and greenspaces are supported through community stewardship.
  • Consider ‘best practices’ in urban parks and greenspaces from Canada and around the world, and identify creative ideas for development.
  • Work with the Community Activities Group (CAG) to accommodate community-oriented recreational activities in OOE parks, as appropriate.
  • Promote and advocate for equitable and inclusive access to OOE’s parks and greenspaces.


Meetings are to be held once per month, convened by the Chair.  Cancellation of a meeting will be on an exception basis, with the concurrence of a majority of the Committee membership. 

The Chair, or a Committee member designated on his/her behalf, is to prepare a brief summary of the key points of discussion from each meeting, including outcomes and action items.

Committee decisions, as much as possible, are to be made based on consensus.  On issues where a consensus cannot be reached, a vote will be taken and the majority view will prevail. 

The Committee Chair will report on a regular basis to the OOECA Board of Directors on the Committee’s priorities, activities, and accomplishments.  Where there is lack of consensus among Committee members on an issue, or where an issue is sufficiently impactful, the Chair will seek input and direction from the OOECA Board of Directors.

The Committee will consult and collaborate with other committees of the OOECA, where mandates intersect and where coordination and collaboration will contribute to positive outcomes for the residents of Old Ottawa East.

The Chair and members of the Committee will secure the express agreement of the whole Committee and the President of the OOECA before making any public representations in the name of the Committee or on behalf of the Committee.  This includes representations to any level of government, to either elected officials or professional staff, whether in writing or orally.

Any expenditure of funds recommended by the Committee requires approval of the OOECA Board of Directors.  In addition, for expenditures in excess of $1,000, approval of a special general meeting of the OOECA is required.  With prior Board approval, a special general meeting for this purpose may be scheduled.