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Update on University of Ottawa’s football home opener on September 7

The OECA has received the following update from the University of Ottawa regarding their home opener football game on September 7 to be held at the new stadium on Lees Avenue:

“We have received permission from the Rideau Conservation Authority to put portapotties and handwashing stations behind the bleachers. We will have security personnel monitoring this area on game days to ensure no one is blocking the bike path. In addition, they will be emptied every Monday after a game and will be locked up to ensure there is no vandalism between games.

We will be operating a BBQ and beer garden on game days beginning at 11 a.m. and ending at the start of the fourth quarter. Again, we will have security onsite to ensure patrons are well-behaved and to ensure age of majority. The BBQ and beer garden will operate in the rear courtyard behind Lees Avenue. Alcohol will not be permitted anywhere else on the premises and we will be conducting bag checks to enforce this policy.

There will be no public parking at 200 Lees on game days. Parking is reserved for season ticket holders, media, officials, etc. The public is being encouraged to use sustainable transportation (e.g. bus, bike, walk). We will have three parking lots available on campus for fans to park at and we will be offering complimentary shuttle buses from the Minto Sports Complex to Lees for those who choose not to walk. In all communications, we are asking fans to respect the local communities by not parking on city streets in Old Ottawa South or in Sandy Hill. In addition, we are encouraging students to use their uPass and take OC Transpo.”