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Draft Official Plan Discussion at February 9th Meeting

At the upcoming February 9th community association meeting, the OOECA will discuss the City of Ottawa’s draft Official Plan. The entire 263 page document, plus schedules and secondary plans, is available at Engage Ottawa. The Engage Ottawa website has a number of resources to help people understand the proposal (such as one-pagers that explain different concepts, such as housing, urban design and 613 flats). If adopted without changes, the draft Official Plan will have major implications for the future look of our neighbourhoods, with up to nine storey buildings along Main Street and parts of Hawthorne Avenue, four to six storey buildings along the rest of Hawthorne Avenue, and three to four storey houses or low-rise apartment buildings potentially replacing two storey houses elsewhere.

A virtual Capital Ward meeting arranged by Councillor Menard will be held on February 11 at 6:30 p.m. You can register in advance for this webinar here.

Comments on the draft Official Plan can be sent to city staff and the deadline for submission is February 17. The email address is