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Advanced utility work for Main Street Renewal – lane reductions on Main Street planned

As part of advanced utility work for the upcoming Main Street Renewal project, Bell Canada will commence construction work to replace the existing Bell ducts. Read this briefing report for complete details. The work along Main Street will include the following:

  • Removal of surface over the existing duct (concrete sidewalk/asphalt roadway/grass);
  • Breaking of the existing clay duct;
  • Encasement of existing Bell Canada lines with a concrete duct;
  • Reinstatement of hard surface with temporary asphalt.

The work is tentatively planned to begin on November 12, 2014. Completion is anticipated by spring or summer 2015, weather dependent. This work stretches from Greenfield Avenue to the north to the McIlraith Bridge to the south. The location of the Bell services within the Main Street corridor varies between within the roadway to under the sidewalk and cross the roadway in some locations. The work to be completed is largely on the east side but some work will need to be completed on the west side as well as across Main Street.

Lane reductions on Main Street are required to complete this work. The first phase of the work will be north of Clegg Street and the second phase will be south of Clegg Street. The first phase is tentatively planned to begin with the section between Hawthorne Avenue and Greenfield Avenue on November 12th with temporary lane reductions. Permanent lane reductions (one lane in each direction + left turn lanes) are required between Clegg Street and Lees Avenue because the work will be done under winter conditions. The permanent lane reductions are tentatively planned to be set-up with pavement markings and construction barrels on the weekend of November 22nd (weather dependent). The construction barrels will be replaced with pre-cast curbs shortly after because pre-cast curbs are easier to maintain during snow removal. Work between Lees Avenue and Hawthorne Avenue will be completed over the course of several weekends with temporary lane reductions. The second phase (south of Clegg Street) will commence after the first phase is complete (potentially spring 2015).

For further information about this project please contact:

Greely – Contractor representative
Jeff Smye (613-229-0264)

Bell Canada representative
Courtney Coopper, Project Manager

For information about the Main Street reconstruction project please contact:

City of Ottawa Representative
Josée Vallée, P. Eng.
Design and Construction Municipal East Branch
Tel.: (613) 580-2424, Ext. 21805