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Closure of pathway behind Greystone development – now until October 2017

The path along the Rideau River/behind the Greystone development is now closed and the reopening is anticipated for October 1, 2017. During that time, the following work will be completed:
– A new siltation fence installed on the top of bank/slope along the entire length of the river
– 1 foot of clean top soil placed along the entire corridor, reducing any risk there may have been to exposure of the contaminated material.
– Construction and completion of the multi-use pathway including asphalt
– Landscaping of the switchback near Clegg and reseeding of the newly placed material. Possible additional landscaping and naturalization of the remainder of the corridor may occur based on future discussions with the city, conservation authority and consultation with SLOE.

Closing the pathway at this time will also allow us the developer to remediate Phase 2 and 3 areas right up to the edge safely and just a little beyond the 30m boundary in some areas. After the work is completed, the public will have access to the full width of the corridor and likely very little to no interruptions after this summer.

The pathway will be blocked off and signage installed directing cyclists and pedestrian to head to Main Street and around.