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Main Street Renewal: A Draft Preliminary Design Drawing now available for review

Main Street Renewal: A Draft Preliminary Design Drawing (24 April 2014) for the Main Street Renewal project is now available for review. This design implements the recommended plan that was endorsed by Ottawa City Council on July 17, 2013, and approved by the environmental assessment process that was completed in September 2013. The design has benefited from input provided by the Main Street Renewal Working Group, which consists of members of the community as well as technical staff of the City of Ottawa and the consulting team lead by Delcan.

Detailed designs are being worked on during the spring and summer of 2014. A third public open house for the project will be held in early fall 2014, at which time a full streetscape plan and pavement marking plan will be available for review. The project is scheduled to go to construction in spring 2015. Some advanced utility reconstruction works are scheduled for summer 2014.

To review proposed details click here.

If you have questions and comments please contact project manager Josée Vallée at and please copy