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Special General Meeting on September 11, 2012 to discuss changes to constitution and bylaws

A special general meeting of the membership will be held on Tuesday, September 11, at 7:15 p.m. at Old Town Hall, and members are invited to attend and comment on proposed changes to the constitution and bylaws. The final document will be voted on by the membership at the next Annual General Meeting in November.

Beginning in 2011, the Old Ottawa East Community Association has been working to update and modernize the constitution of our community association. Overall we have attempted to clarify the structure of the association, ensure that the requirements for notice are fair and take into account electronic means of communication and that the procedures to update the constitution and bylaws are not too onerous for a volunteer-run community association.

A brief summary of the changes includes:

  • Limit on votes at general meetings to 2 per household.
  • Clarification of the board, executive committee, board meetings, general meetings and who is entitled to vote at each type of meeting. The current constitution is confusing on these matters.
  • To hold clearly defined board meetings and special or annual general meetings.
  • The new constitution clarifies the requirements for a special general meeting.
  • An attempt has been made to simplify the process so that changes to the constitution approved by the membership can be made within a shorter time frame.

Please view the draft constitution and the draft bylaws. The existing constitution and bylaws are available here.