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Springhurst Park Revitalization Project

After numerous public consultations with children, youth and adults over the past six months, the community’s feedback has been summarized and forwarded to the City of Ottawa and their team of park developers and landscape architects. Representatives of the Ottawa East Community Association (OECA), the Ottawa East Community Activities Group (CAG), the Sandy Hill Community Health Centre (SHCHC), Lady Evelyn School, and other community members – the Springhurst Park Revitalization Working Group – have reviewed several drawings by the city and their landscape architect and have provided feedback on these. On August 13, 2012, the city provided a revised draft plan with these comments in mind.

The draft design illustrates various exciting aspects of park improvement:

  • New and more accessible playstructure, swings and fitness equipment for children, youth and adults
  • More seating areas
  • More accessible surfacing and pathways
  • A community notice board
  • New tree planting for shade and to replace the ash trees that are likely to be affected by the emerald ash borer
  • More trash bins

The City of Ottawa is providing a matching grant of $65,000 for this project. As such, the community has been actively fundraising for the community portion ($65,000) of these funds. Thus far, the community funds have been donated by SHCHC, CAG, the Community Foundation of Ottawa, the Howard Crabtree Foundation, Telus, and a community art auction organized by the Green Door and Tanis Shelp. The community target has been reached and the project can now move ahead. Despite this, we are continuing to fundraise for additional park improvements.
Support has been invaluable by all community organizations and City Councillor David Chernushenko.
If you have ideas on how to fundraise or feedback on the draft project plan, please forward your comments to:

  • Chris Osler, Community Developer, Sandy Hill Community Health Centre , or by telephone at 613-565-3265

View the draft design plan here. The full design plan can also be downloaded in PDF (warning: this will take awhile to download).